The i-camera is one of the best cameras in the world. They have unique features and with that you can create butifeul and iPhone photos. But fist you need to know how to use it.


How to get to the camera

All you do is click on the camera icon on the home screen.

Then you are all set.

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How to use the flash

The flash is in the top left corner of the screen. There are 3 options for the flash settings. One there is auto flash, which means the camera can sense when the picture needs flash. The second option is off, which means the flash stays off no matter what. The third option is always on, which is pretty self explanatory. That means no matter what the flash will remain on.

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HDR stands for High-Dynamic Range. It means that your camera will process photos a little different than normal in order to capture greater detail from bright and dark areas in your photo. On your iPhone the camera takes 3 quick images, then blends them together.


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How to flip from front camera(selfie) to back camera (landscape)

This is a very simple task all you do is go to the bottom right conner. Then you see a camera icon with arrows in circle formation.

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What is Live Photo?

To be honest it look me a long time to figure out what that even is. A Live Photo is a  setting that brings your photos to life by creating a moving image. So you can capture before, during, and after the moment is done.

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Rotating Zoom

So the basics. Zoom is the measure of how close you get to the object. If you notice at the bottom of the camera, you will see a 1x in the square. If you click on that you will get a 2X. The camera will adjust to that. Then there is a feature that there is a scroll zoom.


Pano/Square/Slo mo/Time-lapse/Portrait

Panorama-Is a wide view photo. It captures the image in elongated way.

Square-Its simple it makes a photo a square instead of a rectangle.

Slow Motion- This is when the frames per second is slowed down to get every detail.

Time-laspe - Is the taking a number of frames at set times to record changes that take place slowly over time. If the frames are sped up it will make the change to look faster.



The focus feature is very easy on an iPhone. All you do is press on the part you want to focus on. Then you have to options. One to leave it how it is, or move the exposer bar. The exposer bar work when you scroll down on the screen or scroll up to control the light.

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Flash is the white lightning bolt in the top left conner. This is good for when you in the dark and want to take a photo of the object. This will make the object visible.

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There is a timer on the iPhone camera also. You can find it at the second to last button on the right. You can set it to go off at 3 seconds or 10 seconds.

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How to use the camera filters

The filters are found at the top right hand conner. There are 9 different filters to chose from.

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What is Portrait mode?

Is when the background is blurred out and focused on the subject you want. It makes for great post.

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