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Tank Turret

Todays tank turrets are still maned with the exception of the T-14 Armata. Many new tank designs and updates to the designs include the addition of an auto loader to the tank gun to lower the crew size. Also all modern tank designs include a stabilized turret to help the tank keep it's aim on the target over rough terrain.


Tank Gun Most modern tanks today use smooth-bore guns and the most common smooth-bore gun in use is Rheinmetall Rh-120 120mm. The reason why smooth-bore tank guns are so popular is that smooth-bore guns can use a variety of ammunitions making the tank very adaptable allowing the tank to tackle many different situations. Also most tank guns have a diameter of 115mm to 125mm.
Tank Armor

Modern tank armor is made in layers of different composites to help protect against shaped charges such as anti-tank missiles or IEDs. In addition most tanks also have Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) or Non-Explosive Reactive armor (NERA) system which provide extra protection against shaped charges. There is a new type of Reactive Armor which intercepts the projectile before it hits the tank reducing the potential of penetration and a tank kill.

Some tank's composite armor has depleted uranium in it. Most tank designs don't have the armor necessary to protect themselves in urban environments. So the tanks have an additional add-on armor set called an urban survival kit to add the protection necessary for urban environments.

Tank Mobility

Most Modern tank designs have 1200 - 1600 hp engine, six to seven road wheels on each side, and have a operational range of 265 miles to 400 miles.

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