Captain Humbert Roque Versace was born on July 2 1937. Rocky grew up in Alexandria, Virgina and was the oldest of five siblings. Rocky was executed on October 29 1965 at the age of 28. He was my great-uncle and this wbsite was made in his honor.

Rocky while at West point

Picture of Rocky while at West Point. He was the class of 1959.


Rocky was a Captain when he passed and was a MAAG. He also got a tab in the Special Forces, Rangers, and Airborne.

Versace was in detachment A-23, 5th Special forces group.

Rocky was given the Silver Star and his purple heart in 1969. In 2002 he was upgraded to the Medal of Honor that he deserved and the silver star was taken back.

This is Rocky's younger brother, Stephen getting the Medal of Honor for Rocky. Rollover image is the badge for 5th special forces badge

Rocky started his first tour in Vietnam on May 12 1962 as a intelligence advisor. In May the following year, Rocky added 6-mouths to his his tour.

On October 29 1963, two weeks before his tour ended. Rocky, James Rowe, and Dan Pitzer were all captured by the VC after a long and tiring fight losing many of the south Vietnamese men that came with them. Rocky had inspired his fellow inmates to resist as much as they can since thats what he was doing to his cadre. The last time any of the soldiers heard his voice, he was singing God Bless America.

James N. Rowe, the author of Five years of Freedom is how people no so much about him. They were captured together and one of the



Silver star

The silver star is the third highest medal that can be revive. Rocky was given the silver star in 1969. He was accident for the Medal of Honor but, was given the silver star instead.

The Silver star was created July 9 1918. The Silver star was originally named the citation star until July 19 1932.

This is the Army's Congressional Medal of Honor.

The Army Medal of Honor was created in 1862. There has been over 3,500 awarded over all five US militarizes.

The Medal of Honor comes in three different styles that you can receive including the Army version, Navy, Coast guard, and Marine corps version and Air force version.

The definition of the Medal of Honor is: Awarded by Congress to a member of the armed forces for gallantry and bravery in combat at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty.

Rocky's early life and plans for after the army

Rocky was on the fence choosing between being in the Army and joining the priesthood. He decided to join the army instead after he won an appointment to west point. He was going to join the priesthood after returning from Vietnam.

September 26 1965 the "Liberation Radio"announced that Rocky Versace was executed, but a later news article showed that the executions were faked. Rocky was officially executed on October 29 1965 in retaliation for the execution of a VC leader.

While researching data on Rocky, almost all of the websites said he was killed on September 26. The only site that said others was a document full of information from the army including emails. Some of the information that is included in that document was open to the public ,but was closed in 1970.

"Of the seven U.S. Army Special Forces personnel captured at Hiep Hoa and Tan Phu, the fates of only Versace and Roraback remain unknown. The executed was never fully documented; it is not known with certain that these two men died. Although the Vietnamese claim credit for their deaths, they did not return their remains. From the accounts of those who knew them, if these men were not executed, they are still fighting for their country." Quote is from: Click Here

Favorite quotes from Five Years of Freedom either from Rocky or Nick.

Poem written by Nick Rowe when he and his fellow prisoners heard on the radio that Rocky was killed. Click on this link to downoad PDF of the poem by Nick Rowe.


This is a statue of Rocky with some Vietnamese children at a plaza in Alexandria, VA. This a smiling Rocky(on left) getting his 90 day infantry badge by his father(on right). Map of the Mekong Delta, VietnamThis is a map of what the Mekong Delta looked like during the Vietnam war. The pink dot is where Rocky was at his first stable camp.

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