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There are many different kinds of mountain biking. Some of the kinds are enduro, downhill, trail, and cross country. Their are also many different companies like Specialized, Trek, Rocky Mountain, Santa Cruz, Devinci, Yeti, and Norco.



Enduro bikes are for downhill trails that are very rough.

Rocky Mountain slayer Carbon 90, $7,399


Downhill bikes are meant for big jumps down the side of mountain.

Rocky Mountain Maiden Carbon 90, $7,099


Trail bikes are meant for climbing and descending. It's an all around bike.

Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 90, $7,399

Cross Country

Cross Country bikes are for long distance races with a lot crazy steep climbs.

Specialized S-Works Epic, $10,020


Slopestyle bikes are for doing big, hard tricks on big dirt jumps.

Santa Cruz Jackal

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