Brief introduction
Mazda had to make a car that could replace the RX3 that they stopped production on. The answer was Rx7 sires. This sires was meant to be a small 2-door sports car with a different type of engine.

Generation (FB)
The first RX7 (FB) was built to replace the RX-3 and started production between 1978-1985. The car came with two doors and 105-115hp and a 5-speed manual. The 13B engine in this car was naturally engine. due to the car 50/50 weight distribution meant that the car was super fun to drive. About 471,000 of the model was sold




Generation (FC)
The FC was the car second generation and was produced from 1985 to 1992. This car came with a 2.4L turbo 13B that had 145 to 185-horsepower. The FC took a lot of inspiration from the Porsche 944 for the styling. Like the FB, the FC had 50/50 weight split. Later in 1988 a convertible version came. Mazda only sold 272,000 of this model



Generation (FD)
The FD was the third and last integration of the RX7 family and many say is the best of the three. This car had a timeless look and came with the most power. The car putout 261hp and came with a Five speed manual. There was also the option of a four speed automatic. There were only 68,000 made which meant that this model sold the least

Engine and spec
The RX7 FD uses an upgraded rotary engine that is shared between all three cars. The rotary engine instead of four or eight piston there are two rotors in the RX7 motor. Like the Supra, the engine could be tuned to make more power.


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