In 1979, the first Supra (mk1 supra) was introduced. It was based on the 1978 Celica. The mk1 Supra had a lift back design and was longer and wider. The car had a 2.6 liter inline 6 engine and made 110hp. The car came equipped with both manual and automatic transmission and 4-wheel-independent suspension and disc brake and all wheel. These parts are now seen as standard on car today. In 1981 the car was given slight upgrade to the engine and transmission. 


In 1982 there was a completely redesign of the car splitting the Celica Supra into two different car, The Celica and the Supra. There was another upgrade to the engine going form a 2.6 liter to a 2.8 liter. The car had slight changes from the MK1 like getting a more harder edges and traded the normal headlight to popup-headlights and getting slightly wider fenders.





The mk3 supra got a face lift, different fenders and a removable roof. The power had been upped to 200hp and the engine went form a 2.8l to a 3liter. The car also came with a limited slip differential and was fitted with Toyota’s Electronic Modulated Suspension. This model ended production in 1992.

In 1993, the MK4 supra was launched and entered the supercar series. This model went had a massive redesign of the entire car. When Toyota was designing the car, they mainly focused on performance and weight reduction. Toyota went as far as to make the carpet fibers and rear wing hollow. The car came with two potion, a turbo and no-turbo. The turbo models had the option of a rear wing. The non-turbo Supra’s came with 220hp and the turbo one came with 320hp. The car was produced from 1993 to 2002 and the supra brand would take a break.


What made the car stand out from other cars was the engine. Toyota had over built the Supra’s engine, the engine was an inline 6 with twin turbos and had an Iron block, and made 280-horsepower but the American Supra had 320-horse-power. The engine could be tune to make double or triple the horsepower due to it having that iron block. Many tuners remove the twin turbos and put in a bigger single turbo for more power. The engine is super strong and could be built to have high amounts of horse power and that is just one part that make the supra so popular


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