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Nevada is 110,572 square males the seventh-largest states by area just behind Arizona. Founded on October 31, 1864 by Abraham Lincoln making Nevada the 36th state. Nevada is also the 9th-least for densely populated. The capital is Carson city located on the map below. Nevada is also know as the silver state because of its mining history of sliver, gold, and many other things.

Carson City

Officially established in 1858 by Abraham Curry. In wake of the Comstock Lode Carson city was a thriving commercial center. At 4,697 feet above sea level with a population of 55,274 today Carson city is the capital of Nevada. Named after mountain man Kit Carson.

Las Vegas

Founded on May 15, 1905 by William A. Clark. With a population of 634,773 in (2019). At first Vegas was a farming and railroad town but people quickly discovered that true wealth was found in the casinos. With the average gambling revenue being $794 million not counting the hotels and food/Beverage also all the other things too. So in all Las Vegas in (2020) $3.612 billion. Now you may be asking where does this money go human services and health with a budget of $13.1 billion which is about 44.5% of the budget, education $7.1 billion and about 24.2% of the budget, and Infrastructure with $2.6 billion around 8.9 percent.


Located in mineral county founded in 1880 about 141 years ago. By Hawthrone Army depot one of the largest in the US. Founded by William Hawthrone.


Reno the biggest little city located about 22miles from Lake Tahoe it is home to about 246,500 people. Founded on May 9, 1868

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