OCS Infantry Officer Course



Marine Raider Patch, its usage by the Marine Raiders within MARSOC dates back to the original Marine Raiders of WW2



Picture of Marine Raiders during WW2 in the Solomon Islands.




Assessment and Selection for MARSOC is broken down into two three week phases with phase I being basic evaluations and phase II consisting of more advanced evaluations. after completing phase II perspective MARSOC Raiders will attend the Individual Training Course or ITC where they are taught all the skills they are required to learn.



Assessment and Selection consists of multiple physical evaluations including multiple timed obstacle course runs, swims and runs.



Other physical evaluations include timed formation runs.



Hikes with 50 pound rucksacks are very common at Assessment and Selection and are a big part of the evaluation that determines if the Marine gets to attend phase II

MARSOC Raider conducts land navigation while taking part in a predeployment training exercise.

MARSOC Raiders conduct multiple predeployment exercises going over various skills that are needed.

MARSOC Raiders conduct breaching and room clearing drills.

Marsoc Raiders learn multiple methods for breaching and clearing rooms and buildings as part of their training at ITC and do multiple breaching and clearing drills in predeployment exercises.

MARSOC Raiders conduct range drills

Range drills are very common practice with MARSOC Raiders along with various other Special Operations units.
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