Arowana Largemouth Bass Angel Fish

Angel Fish

These are my favorite fresh water fosh because they can very beatiful and agressive when they are in groups.

I think in my opinion that angel fish are the most popular fish to own because they are so easy to take care of them and they are pretty cheap to buy as well.

These Angel Fish have to eat real healthy.

In my opinion I would get slices of turkey and give them small pieces to them so they can get bigger.

Also there full size for an Angel Fish is 2-24 inches long.

There are some Angel fish that come in different colors for example, red, blue, green, yellow.

Sometimes they can come in a silvery blue.

These are never active durning the night but they can be in the day time.

The Angel fish's biggest peredator is larger fish or humans.

A female angel fish can lay up to 100 to 200 eggs.

Also the male holds the eggs in his mouth for about 6 months until they hatch and then he open's his mouth amd releases all of the babies.



By Zachary Rosenthal

May 2019