Parts Assembly Windows

Now it is time to install windows so you will need windows. I recommend windows 10 pro because it has encryption support and it has less of the bloat ware that comes with windows 10 home. If you can find a copy of windows 7 it is much better than windows 10 but windows 10 will support more modern applications.

You can buy windows 10 pro here i recommend ordering the usb because it makes things much easer.

So after you plug in the usb turn on your computer and get into the BIOS. Select the usb as the boot drive then restart when the computer turns back on click next until you land on the windows desktop.

Now use edge to install google chrome and unpin edge from the task bar and put chrome in its place.

Now bask in the glory of your new PC.


Parts Assembly Windows
Created ‎January ‎26, ‎2018 by Sawyer Hurley
last updated ‎February ‎07, ‎2018.

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