OCS Infantry Officer Course

Part of IOC involves swim tests to insure the prospective infantry officers are able to operate in the water.
Marines at IOC do a timmed run of the Marine Obstacle Course as part of the Combat Endurance Test or CET. The CET also involves various other exercises including twov timed runs one while the Marine is carrying a dumby casualty and one while carrying a light machine gun.
At IOC there are 9 timed hikes and during 6 of those hikes the Marines are evaluated on their performance.
During IOC, the Marines do multiple field training exercises to practice the skills they learned in the classroom along with evaluating them to see if they meet the standards to be an infantry officer.
Marines at IOC do multiple forms of weapons training in order to familiarize them with the different weapons used by infantry rifle and weapons platoons.
Marines at IOC conducting a land navigation exercise.

One of the exercises at IOC is conducting land navigation while carrying gear a common task within the infantry during both exercises and deployments.
Marines at IOC hiking up a mountain ridge.

Marines at IOC do exercises in multiple environments to give the Marines different challenges.
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