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Largemouth Bass










This is a fish and it is called a Largemouth Bass. This fish is very smart because the way that he hunt for his or her's pray is very impressive.

First, when the first see there pray they swim out and wait for there food to swim to a certain spot and they strike.

Second, there speed is insane their top speed is about 12 to 15 mph when they chase there pray or swimming away from a preditor.

Third, when these are about four to five pounds there mouth expands to size where you can fit a one gallon milk jug.

Fourth, this is a fun fact almost the whole country of the U.S.A fish for Laremouth Bass and the exact number of people is 12.7 million people fish for Bass.

If the Bass is be hunted from a hawk the top of the fish has such great camouflage and usally very hard for the hawk to find its prey.

For the world record of the biggest bass in the world was caught by named George Perry. In, 1932 George comes home with a 22.4 pound bass and he still holds the record for about 8 decades. People were very susspious about this "22.4 pound bass". But in 2006 they were relatives have a picture of Geogre Perry holding his fish next to a kid that looks like it is the same size as the kid.





Zachary Rosenthal

May 2019