Parts Assembly Windows

Tools you will need.

Place the motherboard on the box now it is time to install the CPU.

Lift the retention arm on the CPU socket and place the CPU on the socket with the gold triangle on the CPU in the cut off corner of the socket.

When installing the CPU cooler refer to the manual because every cooler is slightly deferent.


Now install the ram if you only have one stick put it in the slots that are not black.

Install the Io shed in the rectangle hole in the back of the case.

Hold the motherboard by the heat sync and place it into the case.

Screw the motherboard in to the case with six screws.

Install the front panel connectors each case and motherboard combination is different so check the manuals.

Place the power-supply with the fan facing down.

Screw in the four screws on the power-supply.

Plug in the CPU power and main power.

Remove the screws on two of the pcie covers.

Put the video card in the pcie slot making sure you here a click.

Screw the GPU in with the screws you removed.

Plug in the GPU power.

Plug in the sata cables.

Now remove the ssd bracket or hard-drive shield and install the ssd or hard-drive.

Plug in the sata power and data cables.

Put the side panel on and plug it in then plug in your windows bootable usb and turn it on make sure it is set to boot from the usb restart and click next until you are on the desktop.

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Parts Assembly Windows

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