OCS Infantry Officer Course




USMC officers are the essential leaders of the Marine Corps with the leading platoon and larger sized formations. All marine officers with exception of those who earn their commission through the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) as part of their process of earning a commission in the marines.

The methods of earning a commission other than attending the United States naval Academy (USNA) is through joining the Marines after graduating college and then attending OCS. Attendance at the Platoon Leaders Class which breaks OCS into two five week blocks, one over the summer of junior year with the other during the summer of senior year.

The other method is to do the Marine Option within a college Naval Reserve Officer Training Corp (NROTC) unit which teaches the skills and knowledge needed to excel in OCS and as a Marine officer in general with NROTC units doing different summer training programs during their freshman and sophomore year and attending OCS the summer of their junior year.



At OCS training is given by instructors who had prior experience serving with officers and being Marine Corps senior drill instructors at USMC boot camp at either Marine Corps Recruit Depot Paris Island or MCRD San Diego. The instructors are responsible for training and later evaluating the candidates throughout the ten weeks of OCS.
Marine Officer candidates going through a Marine obstacle course.

Training in the beginning of OCS consists of teaching leadership skills and a number of physical evaluations meant to see if the candidates were able to continue the later stages of OCS.

Marine Officer candidates doing a platoon scale formation run.

Physical fitness is a large part of OCS with there being many physical evaluations in the first few weeks of OCS including a timed obstacle course run and being scored on a Marine Corps PFT.
Marines doing a hike while in full combat gear. While at OCS candidates will do multiple field training exercises called FTX, these exercises are meant to test candidates on knowledge they learned in the beginning of OCS through classroom instruction on topics like leadership, command structure, and combat procedures. During FTX marines will go on hikes in which they walk as a platoon while wearing a 45 pound ruck sack and in full combat gear, hikes get progressively longer as OCS goes on with them going from 6 miles to 15 miles.

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