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I plan to be an entrepreneur. I want to create many companies such as an airline, a saltwater car company. Since I was raised around business, I have been interested in for a while.


my airline would be different because, I would make it simple to book the ticket. I would create a fun vibe. I would make it so there would be the most leg room in the main cabin out of any US airline.


I would make seating more comfortable and enjoyable. I would make free fast wifi. I would make a very comfortable and exclusive first class. I would offer mostly non stop routes. I would choose to buy airbus planes preferably A330-800. that way it would offer space and comfort.

A salt water car seems to futuristic but, I believe I will be able to create one in the next 50 years. I would like it to be comfortable, fast and sporty but also some what affordable.

By: Harry Hughes, May 2018