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This page has representations of student work created in Photoshop lessons and display a wide variety of
projects and interests.

Completed in Web Page Design Class, Eagle Hill School, Hardwick, MA,


Lion meme by Nathan Frias

by Nathan Frias


by Steven Delaney
Spring 2017


Why Worry-Walt Disney
by Audrey Wallace
Autumn 2021

by Samuel Cohen
Spring 2019




Neil deGrasse Tyson Quote
by Sean Ryan
Autumn 2021

David Mann quote
by Hudson Zamacona
Autumn 2021





by Kyle Welch
Autumn 2021


by Ryan Sarnelli
December 2018





Muhammad Ali Quote
by Layth Shehadeh
Spring 2019


Glowing Blue Butterfly
by Sofia Lopez
Autumn 2021


by Lucy Gilsdorf
Autumn 2021

Grumpy Cat
by Diana T. Mackiewicz
Spring 2019


by Helene Yadgood
Spring 2017

Painting Mae West quote
by Lucy Gilsdorf
Autumn 2021







by Teya Tribuna
January 2021

New York City
by Griffin Jones
January 2021


Route 66
Hudson Zamacona
Autumn 2021

Fishhead man
by Jordan Schupak
Autumn 2021


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