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German Tank Division


American Armored Cavalry


America 1939 ww1 was over but now Germany was stirring up trouble and then started making a big come back from their defeat from ww1 and then started invading countires.

Now these attacks were made by Germany's new supreme leader Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler started off as a soldier then later became leader of Germany.

Now while Germany was invading the U.S were not yet being attacked and had no part in the second war until 1941 when Japan had surprised us and bombed are navy ships which was a tragedy. Now history says that Japan knew what would happen if they attacked us and what may come after.

Now after pearl harbor had happen our president had decided and made it official that America was in the war. Now that the U.S are involved with the war they started to clean up and make a new and strong army that would scare and destroy the enemy.

The U.S ordered their factories to work hard and make the best armored vehicles that they could make and that could stand up against the enemy and his vehicles. Now the U.S had many great tanks during WW2 but they all had a secret weapon or two equipped or put on the tank during its construction.

The U.S had given a specific name for these new war machines. They called it the armored cavalry which means in other words american tank division. The first tank they made for the war in WW2 was a small but great tank that had sustainable armor and was equipped with a good decent cannon but also was equipped with three small surprizes.

The tank had two 30 caliber heavy machine guns one down in the breach and one in the turret. Now on top of the tank some would have another 30 caliber machine gun and a heavy m2 50 caliber machine gun. The name of the tank this is was called the sherman tank. Now it may have been small but it got the job done.







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