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The German army was the strongest and most feared country.

They had 4 or 5 different armed forces and that was the, Luftwaffe, Navy,wehrmacht and the famous tank divsions,Panzer Division,Tiger 1 Division, King Tiger Division and more.

These forces were mean, deadly and were trained very well. Now in Germany they took their training very serious and would always push their troops in training and make them to be the best and be ready to face anything that comes in their way.

As far as traing went for the men who were put and fitted for the job of being in a tank were sent to a top secret school that had been made in the year 1922 by the Germans.

There they would train officers and men how to operate a tank and they would test new technology. They called this the facility of Kama.

Now Germany they were already making all sorts of new things during WW2. For example they were the first to make a jet engine fighter plane that would be propelerless and would be powered by the two jet engines they had put on.s

On the other hand Germany was well known for the tanks they had and made. The tanks were amazing, big, heavly armed, had great armor and were indestructable.

Now the tanks were powerful, scary and deadly but they had some small miner problems. For example gas would leak underneith the driver and breach gunners feet, the tanks treds and one or two more problems.

Now the biggest problem was the rear end of the tank and that was because of how they made the tank.Now it is said that if you are an american tank commander and you are going up against a german tank like the tiger tank which was first and by far best tank that Germany had made.

Now the main objective for going or facing a Tiger tank is to not get blown away in the first round or destroyed. The objective is to get behind him and hit him in the rear but make it count and hope for the best but if necessary and if the first shot doesnt do it then put a second shot in the same area and that should do it.




This picture above is a group of King Tigers of Schwere Panzer Abteilung 503 on parade. This unit fought in Normandy and on the Eastern Front. 


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