What Are Super Cars?

A supercar is a exotic car that you would not usaully see out on the roads. It is  a loosely defined description of street-legal, high-performance luxury sports car. Since the 2000s or 2010s, the term hypercar has come into use for the highest performing supercar. People often referred supercars to muscle cars during the late 1950. The first company to manufature a supercar is lamborghini. In 1966 lamborghini manufactured the Lamborghini Miurua which is said to be the first supercar in eroupe. The car was the first with a rear mid-engined two-seat layout which is what we see in most supercars today.

Brands of Super Cars

Starting off there are a lot of different kind of super cars the most popular one is lamborghini, however here are some different cars brands that are known for making exotic cars. Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren, Corvette, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Audi, Koenigsegg, Acura, Nissian and believe it or not Ford. Clicking on the link for any of these cars will show you the most popular model for that brand.


During the 1960s, cars that are now considered to be muscle cars were then referred to as supercars. The term was sometimes spelled with a capital S. In 1966 the sixties supercar became an official industry trend. For example, the May 1965 issue of the American magazine Car Life includes multiple references to supercars and "the supercar club" and a 1968 issue of Car & Driver magazine refers to "the Supercar street racer gang" market segment. In the model name of the AMC S/C Rambler, the "S/C" is an abbreviation for "SuperCar".


My Favorite Super Car

One of my favorite Super Cars would have to be the Bugatti Veyron ($1.9 million) which is a very rare exotic car considering there are only less than 500 of them in the world. Bugatti manufactured the Veyron. It was first devolped in Germany. It is a mid engine car which mean the engine is located in the middle of the car. Though the car weighs 4,000 lbs. The Super Sport version of the Veyron is one of the fastest production cars in the world, with a top speed of 431.072 km/h (267.856 mph). The Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse was the fastest roadster in the world, reaching an averaged top speed of 408.84 km/h (254.04 mph) in a test on 6 April 2013. The Veyron was named the best car of the decade.



Audi Engine

Another car that I think is really cool is the Audi R8 ($100,000). Believe it or not Audi actually owns Lamborghini and most Lamborghini cars have Audi engine's. The most popular engine is the v10. A V10 engine is a ten-cylinder piston engine where the cylinders are arranged in a V configuration around a common crankshaft. V10 engines are much less common than V8 and V12 engines. Several V10 diesel engines have been produced since 1965, and V10 petrol engines for road cars were first produced in 1991 with the release of the Dodge Viper. The V10 configuration does not have perfect engine balance, since an unbalanced rocking couple is caused by each cylinder bank functioning as a straight-five engine. Therefore, balance shafts are sometimes used to reduce the vibrations in a V10 engine.



The interior's of supercars are pretty plain and simple compared to a normal interior of a any car. The only special thing about supercars interiors is the leather. Supercars use microfiber suede as seating and trim materials. Supercar makers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, and Aston Martin use the material in their latest beauties. The seats are made of carbon fiber, the interior parts of Forged Composites, and the upholstery is made from Alcantara.


Other Cars

Some other super cars that im a big fan of is McLaren 720s ($300,000). The McLaren is another dream car of mine and the way that they are built are so areo-dynamic. I also love the Dodge Viper ($107,000) which is a muscle car. Another car that I also think is awesome and pretty underated is the Acura NSX ($160,000). First off all of these cars shown on this website are very expensive, thats what makes them so exotic. One day my plan is to possibly own one of these cars.