Home Examples of Good Logos




The Krispy Kreme logo stands out for several reasons, It has a horizontal aspect, contains red, and also contains two colours. All of these qualities significantly help it to catch eyes.

For instance the Red helps to catch your attention especially in the food industry. Because many of the foods we eat have red it helps to make you more hungry. Another cool thing about the Krispy Kreme logo is that it is shaped like a hat.


BMW has a geat logo and is recognized globally. The circle aspect goes well with the brand because it is the shape of a tire. The two colours blue and white go well together as they directly contrast each other.


The Apple logo is amazing because it is the key example of simplicity yet it has so much power. The Apple logo is one of the most recognizeable logos in the entire world. With how much power it brings it just shows that even the simplist of logos can be highly sucssesful.


Twitter has refined their logo numerous times and it has a great meaning behind it. The bird symbolizes that every message sent is called a tweet. The blue color looks good on the bird because there are numerous birds that are blue.


By Henry Savin, May 2018