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Over the summer (2016) my friend Sammy took me to Seattle before YoungLife camp. Sammy is one of my good friends and she was also my camp counselor.

In Seattle Sammy and I went on a hike to see a beautiful river and waterfall. In this photo Sammy was walking ahead of me and I saw her drag her hand on the railing so I took a picture of her.

In this photo Sammy and I hiked down to the river, but we went off the trail and walked down the rocks to be closer to the river because it was amazing scenery. Seattle
Seattle This photo is a picture of the river. Thisview of the river was in front of me. I like how to rocks create small white waves giving this photo more color while bringing out the blue.
This photo was taken at Lake Washington. After a long day and hike. Sammy and I got take out dinner and ate at a picnic table while watching the sun set over the lake. Seattle

This photo was taken before the hike. When my friend Sammy and I got there we started at the top of the waterfall and hiked down to the river side. It was a beautiful hike and every photogenic.

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