New York

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New York

During February 2016, my mom and I took a girls trip to New York for a long weekend. New York has so many great opportunities for photography.

You can get a photo full of life and color from subjects like graffiti to a beautiful landscapes. During our trip my mother and I were waiting for an appointment to Lip Lab. The Lip Lab is where you customize your own lipstick. You can pick the color to the lipstick and the smell of your lipstick. To pass time my mom and I went out to lunch.


After lunch we had more time to pass so we explored the beauty of New York. We came across this small street fair.

The street fair had everything from rocks with crystals (top left) to things like clothes and scarfs (bottom right.) In these photos I tried to capture the amazing color of the street fair.

At the street fair I bought a canopy to hang from my bed. It's black and white with little elephants all over it.

New York
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