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This is an area at Alta, it is also my favorite are at Alta. It is named Sugarloaf. My favorite trail in this area is the big crater, it is called Glory hole. On most of the powder days I have had here I always go there because it has really good terrain.

double diamond
This is a trial at Okemo Mountain, it is called Double Diamond. Its not always in the best conditions but when it is, its really good.

This is a trail at Deer Valley, it is called Centennial. The couple of times that I have skied this trail it was on a powder day and it was really good. The trail it self is really good terrain, but it needs some snow to actually ski it.

mineral basin
My favorite area at Snowbird is Mineral Basin. The area itself is just a giant bowl. A bowl is a big, usually open area with a bunch of different trails on it. All the trails at Mineral Basin funnels out to a chairlift at the bottom of the area. There is also a lift higher up that will take you to Alta.

outer mongolia bowl
My favorite area at Vail is the back bowls. One of the back bowls in particular is the Mongolia bowls. This picture is of the Outer Mongolia bowl. If you ski this in the afternoon that's when it's at its best.
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