How did the Jeep get its name?



Jeep Timeline


Who invented the Jeep?

The Inventor

In 1940, American Bantam Car Company invented the "jeep". The famous designer Karl Probst designed the "jeep" in two days! The third day was used to figure production.


Seventy years ago, Jeeps first saw the light of day. The word "jeep" had been an Army cuss word up until that time. A Sergeant Littlefield said "No! Peep doesn't describe the vehicle but "Jeep" does."American automakers built nearly 650,000 jeeps during World War II.

World Oldest Jeep, 1940

Test Run- "Bantam Rough Riders, 1941

The "jeep" is going through its paces, August 8th, 1941.

The first "jeep" vehicles manufactured by the Bantam Motor Car Company , 1940

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