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The CPU is the most important part of a computer it is what proses everything you do on your computer for this tutorial I will show you how I select the parts for a low budget gaming PC but the methods will be universal. Also if the CPU is made by Intel and it has a K at the end of it's number designation that means it is overclockable




First you will need to choose a CPU that fits what you want to use your computer. For example a web browsing PC will need something like an Intel i3 CPU but a gaming PC might need a i5 or i7.

you can use PC part picker to help configure your computer

The CPU I chose is the Intel core i5 7600K. It runs about $230 to$250 and it is a good value. This CPU can be over-clocked as well

After choosing the CPU you will need a CPU cooler. I chose the Corsair-H100i v2 all in one liquid cooler. I chose liquid cooling because it allows for greater over-clocking on the CPU.





The motherboard is the second most important part of your computer. this is what connects everything together. if you are not using PC Part Picker which I strongly recommend. You will need to match the socket type of the motherboard and the CPU. In this example I used a CPU on the lga1151 socket so the motherboard needs to support socket lga1151. If you are using PC Part Picker it has a built in filter so you do not have to worry.




So it is time to choose a motherboard

I chose the Asus Strix H270F gaming motherboard. it looks nice has all the features and is reasonably priced at $140

To save a bit of money you could go with the less emabrit Msi motherboard for $55


The hard drive is where all your files are stored

The Memory or RAM is where the computer store temporary files like that word document before you save it or Google tabs the ram forgets everything stored in it when the computer is shut down




Now it is time for storage and memory

I went with this hard-drive because western digital makes good inexpensive hard drives and this can hold 1 terabyte for around $50

I went with 16gb of ram because that amount has been good in the past for me this kit from g.skill was $200

a general rule for ram is buy what ever ddr4 is in the capacity you need and is on sail

The graphics card is not as important as some of the other components if you are not planning on video editing or gaming so if you just want a webbrousing computer you can skip this step if your CPU has integrated graphics




Now for the graphics card

The graphics card I am using is the Nvidia gforvr gtx 1060 6gb it is powerful but inexpensive at $300

If you are making a low power PC I recommend a Nvidia gforce gt 1030 so if you ever want to do a bit of light gaming you can it will also improve your systems speed. these go for about $100 I did find one at microcenter for $75


The case is the box that your computer goes in. The case needs to have the same designation as the mother board for example a atx board will not fit in a m-atx case




card board pc 9000

Now for the case

I am using the nzxt s340 black because it is cheap at $67 and sleek

Of cores you could skip this step and do what this guy did with the cardboard PC 9000


Warning do not get a cheap power supply or it might explode and damage your PC causing data loss. Buy from reputable company like Evga and Corsair. PC part picker has a wattage calculator to tell you what wattage you need to buy




Now for the power supply

I chose this power supply because it is from a reputable company and it is fully modular which means you can remove the cables you do not need. this costs $110

What not to buy cheap power supplys like this can be dangerous. When over loaded causing a fire and breaking the other components be warned the wattage is sometimes exagerated


If you are looking for a good keyboard to go with your new PC I recomend the razer blackwidow chroma v2


If you want to see my list in more detail click here
Parts Assembly Windows
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