Do you have what it takes to become a Navy SEAL?

First of all you have to be a US citizen. 18-28 (17 with parental permission) Training for your first deployment can take up to 2 years some even take up to 30 months. if you are young and want to one day become a Navy SEAL you have to put yourself in the right mindset. First you should learn to become a team leader, and you should have leadership skills. the average time spent as a navy seal is about 15 years but you can spend more based on what you want to do.


Navy SEAL PST test. To become a Navy SEAL you have to go through a series of Physical Screening tests, which includes a 500 yard swim, 50 push-ups in 2 minutes, 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes, 10 pull-ups in 2 minutes, and finally a 1.5 mile run in 10:30.

After you passed the Seal PST and Have graduated boot-camp. After you have completed these . You now proudly wear the uniform of the U.S. Navy and are on your way to BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training. The Navy core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment are a minimum expectation of every SEAL and trainee. Now is the time to adopt the SEAL ethos – the mindset to never ever quit, and do whatever it takes to pull your teammates through.



Can you take on Hell Week?

Hell Week is the defining event of BUD/S training. It is held early on the 3rd week of First Phase – before the Navy makes an expensive investment in SEAL operational training. Hell Week consists of 5 1/2 days of cold, wet, brutally difficult operational training on fewer than four hours of sleep. on average only 25% of people make it through hell week. hell week is the toughest training in the U.S. military.




U.S. Navy Ships. The U.S. Navy has approximately 480 ships in both active service and the reserve fleet, with approximately 70 more in either the planning and ordering stages or under construction. The U.S. Navy has ships of all kinds, Aircraft carriers, Amphibious assault ships, Cruisers, littoral combat ships, destroyers, and submarines.

A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is capable of carrying more than 60 aircrafts at a time and can carry up to 6,000 some even hold up to more.

Navy Seal Guns. Navy Seals use 82 different types of guns. Seals use Sniper rifles, RPGs, Pistols, Shotguns, Grenade launchers, SMGs, assault rifles, Gatling guns, Mini guns, Knives, and much more. Navy Seals have lots of guns, knives. grenades, and much more in their inventory.


The reason I would like to become a Navy Seal is because I really like action and I would love to fight for America and have the experience while being a Seal. I am only 15 years old right now and already thinking about the navy I encourage anyone who wants to join any of the armed forces or anything you want to do follow your dreams and don't let anyone stop you from doing what you want to do. if you want to contact a recruitor or learn more about Navy Seals Go to the Navy's website to contact someone or learn more.



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