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The National Football League (NFL) is composed of 32 teams across the United States. Every year the NFL a team that comes up with a new strategy or a new player breaksout and they takeover the league making the game very exciting. The NFL is one of th four major sports leagues across the United States.

The NFL has a 17-week regular season schedule that runs through September and December. After that comes the playoffs which features six teams from each of the two football conferences, (NFC, AFC) making twelve playoff teams in total. Those teams will go through an elimination tournament in their own conferences and the winners from each conference will meet in the biggest national game of the year called the Super Bowl.

The NFL was formed by fourteen football clubs in 1920. The League was originally called the American Professional Football Conference (APFC). Most of the teams were placed across the state of Ohio.

The NFL has been one of the most popular sports leagues for people to watch. It has been called "America's sport" due to its success of attracting people in the Untied States. But it has also spreaderd across the globe to countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Canada. The NFL has done a great job of grabbing people's attention to the sport by scheduling games in outer cities like London, China, Mexico City, and more.

But the NFL has had its down years. The NFL dealt with many years of instability with other football organizations. Their viewership, attendance in games, and sometimes politics have given the NFL problems, so that has slowwed down their progress to getting even bigger. The league has also had its big share of scandals. The NFL is still trying to figure out how to make player health and player safety better as every year one of the NFLs brighest stars is hit with an injury that changes their career in football but also their life.

But the league has had its ways of getting back fans. The NFL has unlocked the abilty for fans to stream live games from almost anywhere in the world. The league has done a great job with fan engagement on social media. All 32 teams have a Twitter, Instagram, facebook profiles. The NFL also has its own video game called Madden by EA Sports.

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