Megalodon Shark (Charcharocles)

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Whale Shark (Rhincodon Typus)

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The Megalodon, computer generated image.

Image from the Natural History Museum in the United Kingdom

Megalodons or (Charcharocles) were predators that once ruled the waters a very long time ago. The length of these massive hunters overmatched the size of a regular school bus and had a width about a little more than half a squash court.

Megalodons went exctinct 3.6 million years ago, but evidence shows that there could be one still lurking in the depths the ocean.

The megalodons bite was more powerful than the average bite from a T-Rex. It would hunt and take down large prey sometimes even larger than their size.






Whale Shark


The Whale shark known as gentle giant or also named as the (Rhincodon Typus) wasn't hostile to humans.

These guys had the exact same size as a normal whale and a bus. The name Whale Shark matches it's features equally.

First of all, They do look a bit like regular whales. Their large belly is all white which is one of the similarities that goes with common whales like the humpback or the blue whale.

If you look at the whale shark close enough, you will start to see tons of spots all over it. The spots are what the whale shark relies on for camoflauge and, their outline is harder for predators to spot in the ocean.


Image of the Megalodons jaw in comparison to the Great Whites.

Close up of a megalodon tooth compared to modern great white teeth.

Here is a graph that shows a conparrison the megalodons length to a school bus, human and its family member the Great White Shark.

Here's another perspective of the megalodon
compared to a bus.

National Geographic

Images from the Whale Shark

Close up of the whale sharks teeth.

This is the whale sharks biting material used on food.
The whale sharks teeth are 10 times smaller than a single megalodons tooth.

This is an image of the whale shark opening its mouth.
If you look closely, on the lower jaw you can see a dark line. That is the whale sharks teeth. 2019



Megalodons Food

Considering that this beast has rows of sharp teeth and a large mouth, would mean that it would prefer eating meat such as large fish small dinosaurs and whale. The megalodon shark would eat 2% of its body weight everday.

  • Favorite food
  • Breakfast: Whales
  • Lunch: Whales
  • Dinner: Whales


(Could the Megalodon have eaten a Mastadon as well?)


Whale Sharks Food

It is considered a carnivore. Its diet was mainly plankton and smaller fish, krill, fish eggs and squid.


This shows the whale eating some
small fish for a daily meal.


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