Nicholas Acierno
May 2018


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Yamaha R6 2006 Re-Build

The purpose of this re-build was to take an engine that was in an accident and fix it for a build later in a go-kart.

The only damages that I could see from the outside was a scratched/dented cover over the clutch.

The first thing I did was remove the cover because I wanted to check on the camshafts and mark the position of them.

I took this picture to remind myself where the cams were before I took them out, that way once I put that back I would know.

In this picture, you can see how the tensioner is positioned in relation to the chain. Inside of the block there is a long slim plastic piece that pushes against the chair so that it can still travel smoothly.

One of the first things I noticed when I took the engine out of the box was the Chain tensioner. As you can notice in the picture it is blue.

The original one that comes with the engine should be silver so I immediately knew this was an after-market part.

I needed to take the cover off the chain because once I took the camshafts off the chain came off its track so I would need to put it back on during the re-build.

Here are the camshafts when I took them out, I was happy to not see any knicks or scratches or anything else indicating that there were shaved metal bits in the engine.

With the head off I was now able to look at the top of the pistons. Seeing there were not cracks on the piston or scratches on the piston walls I saw no reason to remove them.

My origin plan was to remove the oil filter and make sure none of the pipes were clogged and look for shaved metal but I ended up removing everything in the end.

Once removing some return parts I decided to go back and clean the surface of any of the old gasket.

I originally had no intension on taking the clutch plates out to inspect them but I had the time. After inspecting each plate they almost looked brand new.

This was my first time seeing how a wet clutch worked compared to the dry clutch in a car (with the exception of one).

The tab on the pull connects to a pump on the outside of the engine to move engine throughout the engine.

The transmission, before taking it apart, looked to be in good shape. I didn't bother taking it out because of this.


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