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Even though it seems simple there is a lot that goes into making a eye catching logo. There are several important factors that influence the succsess of a logo.


It might not seem aparent that the colour of a logo matters but it does. The shape and even the symmetry go in to the art of making symbols and logo's. These statistics apply to 100 most valuable brands in the world and their logos.


There are a plethora of logo design website's which give you the complete power to create a logo for your brand. I felt compeled to test them out to find out which one was really the best for free.




I decided to test out a few logo design apps to see which is the most efficient and makes the best logo.

The first app I tried out was called Logo Maker. Logo Maker gave the freedom of total design.




The Logo Maker app allowed me to create this logo. The template I used was free yet still gave me freedom to make a good looking logo. With purchases you can make your logo much better than this. If I were to make an actual logo for my business I would certainly make purchases. Logo Maker

The Logo Scopic Studio Allowed me to create this logo. It gives the freedom to create but most of the applications are not free. After numerous attempts this is what I came up with.


By Henry Savin, May 2018