Short-Faced Bears Brown Bears American Black Bear

The comparisons of bears are particularly different from one another by their weight, height, and strength. Out of all the bears in the world the short-face bear is much bigger in height and weight than all seven bears in the early ages right now.

Brown bears and American Black Bears are carnivores but they are actually more of omnivores. All these kinds of bears have their own way of surviving, but they are all related to one or two kinds of the first bears in history.

All three of the bears that have been researched live in different countries and or live in caves, wholes, against trees, and or broken branches.


Short-faced bear or "Bulldog Bear" or "Arctodus Simus" top speed if chasing their prey is 30-40mph. The claw marks of a short- faced bear are up to 15 ft high when it stands up 10-13 ft tall on it's hind legs.

Its bite force is more like a vice like killing grip which most likely means that it's a carnivore. The Short-Faced Bear has a keen since of smell; cause of the short snout it has, and that's how it can inhale large amounts of oxygen once it chases it's prey.

Short- Faced bears are unable to bend or move it's toes cause of how it's paws are since its so large. Some of the time it would run wanky cause of its strait toes.

Short-Faced Bears most likely lived west of Mississippi River and North of Yukon and Alaska. The short-faced bear doesn't have a predator that hunts their kind unless its humans if they were in the North part of the world.

The weight of the short-faced bear was about 2,000-3,000 pounds. The short- faced Bear would have have eaten 40 pounds of meat each day to survive.

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Brown Bear or "Ursus Arctos" or "Grizzly Bear" can go up to a speed of 30-40mph if chasing their prey. The height from the claw marks of a brown bear is about 8-11 ft high once standing 5-8 ft tall on its hind legs.

The Brown Bear is an omnivore that weighs up to 800 pounds. Brown bears mostly live in the northern North America, Europe, and Asia in the forests and mountains.

The Brown Bear has to consume 90 pounds of food each day to survive. The lifespan of a Brown Bear is up to 35 years and they communicate by sound, movement, and smell.

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The speed of an American Black bear or "Ursus americanus" is up to 30mph if chasing their prey. The height of the American black bear is 5-7 ft tall which indicates that its claw marks are around 7-9 ft high. The lifespan of an American Black Bear is up to 10-20 years of age.

The American Black Bear is an Omnivore, and an adult male can weigh up to 130-660 pounds while the adult female American Black Bear weighs 90- 180 pounds.They can run at speeds up to 25-30 mph hunting its prey.They are just as fast as domestic dogs and have great eye site and learn visual color discrimination tasks.

An American Black Bear has to eat 11-18 pounds of food each day to survive. They are great tree climbers who live in the forest, mountains, and swamps.

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