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Deirdre Meagher
Spring 2019
Ash LoConte
Crew is Rowing
Spring 2019

Kobe Petters
NYC & Fav Foods
Spring 2019
Sam Cohen
Greyhound Rescue
Spring 2019

Rob Jorden
Richard Bong:
Ace of Aces

Spring 2018

Martin Cummings
Tank Corps.
Spring 2019

Chance Creed Curd
3 Different Bears
Spring 2019
Reily Granahan
NFL's Loveable and Ugly Sides
Spring 2020

Sam Cohen
Spring 2021

Griffin Jones
Passenger Trains

Spring 2021

Teya Tribuna
German Shepherds
Spring 2021
Wyatt Poole
Poole's Plants
Spring 2021


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