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German Tanks The Great Wars



During the Great War, the Germans were facing the British tanks and needed a vehicle that could cross trenches like the British tank. The Germans created the A7V, which was a modified Holt tractor with a metal box attached on top.

It had a single 57mm gun mounted at the bow of the vehicle and 6 mg 108 maxim machine guns mounted on all other sides of the vehicle. The A7V was the first tank to engage in tank on tank combat with a British heavy tank. There were 100 A7V tanks ordered but only 20 were built by the end of the war and only a fraction of those saw combat.

K wagen

The armistice prevented Germany from having any tanks, which meant that the monster known as the K-wagen would never see combat but would have two prototypes almost fully constructed before being scrapped due to the armistice. The K-wagen was originally supposed to weigh in at 165 tons but was shortened to bring the weight down to 120 tons.

The k-wagen had four 77mm guns mounted in the sides along with 7 mg 08/15 machine guns. The k-wagen was thought to be able to reach a speed of around 5 mph with two V6 engines producing around 1300 combined horsepower. If the war had continued into 1918 these behemoths likely would be on the battlefield fighting alongside the A7V.

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