Greyhound facts:

Greyhounds are naturally lean, athletic dogs. When racing, they are kept in optimal condition and fitness. Greyhounds are fed a diet or raw or cooked beef and dry dog food with vegetables, pasta and/or rice plus nutritional supplements.

Greyhounds also wear muzzles while racing to protect them from accidentally injuring themselves or another dog while racing.




About The GreyHounds

No other dog is as closley associated with speed, grace, and overrall agility with the greyhound which is the second fastest animal on land. For millennia greyhounds have been cherished and bred as hunting dogs whose keen ability to spot prey and it's movement, using their keen sense of sight, and to pursue and capture that game at fast speeds, that have endeared the greyhounds to the most prestigious of owners throughout time. The term greyhound has been derived from the term grei meaning dog or hundi meaning hunter or gre meaning first rank among dogs.

My GreyHounds

I have two greys I've adopted. Boomer who is now 10 and Haily who is 11. Both were retired greyhound racers. Both dogs are scarred for life because of racing. Haily suffered from tramua because they were very abusive toward her. I remeber she would stay in my closet for weeks. She would not eat and suffered from a heart disease. Boomer was very competitve and is the alpha dog. 80 percent of his races he places 1st. My family ended up with him when he broke his left leg during a race. His racing days were over when he was 5 years old and was put in a adoption shelter that me and my dad volunteered at. He was in the shelter for about a year. No one would adopt him. One day the shelter had a termite infestation and had to take the dogs to foster homes until they cleaned up the shelter. We had Boomer for about a week and everytime we left we would hear him cry all day long. Me and my dad could not take it so we adopted him.