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Coxswain (pronounced coxs'n) - a person who is in charge of a ship's boat and its crew, under the person who is in charge (like a coach), and who steers the boat.

The Coxswain

Want to be better?

coxswain POV in a stern loader
A good coxswain is always learning. Some good ways to get better are:
- talk to your team and see what they want to hear
- talk to your coaches and see what else you can be doing
- talk to other coxswains
- look up recordings on youtube
- follow pros on social media

What a Coxswain should wear?

(Coxswains should dress appropriately to weather)

What a coxswain looks like in an stern loader

Fall Season

Spring Season

- Sunglasses
- hat
- long sleeve tight shirts
- Tight long pants
- Waterproof jacket and pants
- fleece jacket
- gloves
- warm socks
- extra clothes
- waterproof shoes (boots)
- sunglasses
- sunscreen
- cap
- tight t-shirt
- spandex shorts
- windbreaker
- extra clothes
- layer (encase its cold)
- waterproof shoes (crocs or sandals)

What a Coxswain should bring in the boat?

Coxswains POV in a bow loader
- electric tape
- athletic tape
- tape recorder
-waterproof bag
-phone waterproof bag
-hair ties
- water-bottle
-band aids

Height and Weight

What a coxswain looks like in a race in a bow loader
Female coxswains in high school or higher levels must weight a minumim of 110 pounds. If they are less than the minumin, then they will have to carry as much weight was need to make them 110 pounds.
Male coxswains in high school or higher levels must weight the minumin of 120 pounds. If you are lighter than this you will have to carry weight (sandbags) so that you meet the minimum requirement.
It truly doesn't matter your height as long as you fit in the coxswain seat and be at healthy weight that is not to heavy. Most teams will want to carry someone as close to the limit as they can. Remember lighter doesn't necessarily mean better.

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