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Brandon Roy suffered from learning disabilities and took the SAT 4 times before he met NCAA requirements. Roy was drafted by the Timber Wolves, but was traded to the Trail Blazers on draft day. Following his rookie year, he received the Rookie of the Year award, with 127 of the 128 votes for him. Roy was plagued with injuries from the start, only playing 57 games in his rookie year, the second fewest by a Rookie of the Year winner. Roy's career following this was mediocre, making it to 2 All Star Games, but still hindered by his occasional injuries. Brandon Roy eventually retired after his fifth season, following a meeting with his surgeon where he informed the athlete there were no more surgeries, and he would play in immense pain. Roy is believed to be one of the biggest careers that ended to early. Roy has since started a coaching career, after being named head coach of Garfield High School's boys basketball team in May 2017.

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