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Life with a Newfoundland puppy is the best because they love to play and they love people. The animal came from Newfoundland and where used for working such as pulling carts around and to pull fishnets.

Now people get them as family dogs and even some use them to do dog shows because there good for that too. Newfoundland dog’s life span should be 8-10 years there temperament is trainable and sweet tempered.

The weight of a female is 99-120 pounds and stands 26 inches tall a male weight is 130-150 pounds and stands to be 28 inches tall. The boys are bigger then the girls like most dogs. They may be big but they are extremely friendly, are couch potatoes, and love to hang out around the house.

If you are planning to get one you should have a big house not a one-room apartment they need lots of exercise if you do not like dog slobber then you should not get one because they duel alot. To keep the hair thick and healthy you shouldn’t groom it yourself because it takes a lot of time, you should get your dog groomed by a professional because they know what to do.

Newfoundland thrive in cool air but in warm hot weather you have to make sure they have AC or a fan because they get really hot and could pass out. They are happiest with family and shouldn’t be left alone for long periods.

Like all dogs, they need early socialization to many people sights and sounds it helps them become a well-rounded dog. Feeding a Newfoundland daily amount should be 4-5 cups of high quality dry food a day make sure to divide into two meals a day; the food should have 22-24%protien and 12-15% fat.

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