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kid and gorilla

A zoo is a great place for people to go with young kids or even older kids it is a good place to go in the summer and walk around to look at all the different animals. In addition, to learn some new facts about them.

Like where they came from what type of Habitat they live in, what their diet is, and what their behaviors are. Also when the mating season is and how often they can mate, and how long babies are with their mothers for before, they are left to be on their own.

Zoos have many type of animals and all the animals will have a different habitats in their cages because some live out in the woods and some need trees and water and for them to feel happy and safe they need to have a place where they know they are safe.

Much like human beings, we all have a place that makes us feel safe. People say Zoos are torcher to animals because they are locked up and not able to in there real habitat.

Because of the Zoos and they know alot about all animals they try their best to make the right type of habitat for the animal depending on if it’s in a cage or in a field.


Giraffes are from Africa, the tallest living terrestrial animal, and the largest ruminants. A male’s height is 16-20ft and a female is 15ft.

There gestation is 13-14 months and there habitats are Savanna Grassland and Woodland. When a Giraffe get’s stressed, they may chew the bark of branches.

Baby giraffes are big and weigh 150 pounds and stands 6ft tall when it’s dropped from the mother. When the baby giraffe is dropped from the mother, it is about five feet to the ground. The mother can have only one at a time at most two.


Zebras are several species of African equids united by their distinctive black and white stripe coats. There generally social animals that live in small herms to large herds.

The largest zebra is the Gravy’s Zebra according to San Diego zoo. The weight is 770-990lbs height is about 5 ft. from the shoulder to hoof.

Zebras are knows as herbivorous and eat grasses and shrubs herbs and twigs. In addition, some leaves and bark. Baby zebras are 55 pounds at birth. Female zebras are called Mares and they give birth to their first foal between three and six years of, but normally give birth every one to three years until they are 24.

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