life of a bobcat

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Some facts about Bobcat is that its habitat varies widely from forest, mountain area to semi deserts or brush land. The habitat is ideal and dense with vegetation and prey. Bobcat’s territory size is usually 25-30 square miles for male for a female normally about five square miles for a female.

Each Bobcat have several dens there is always one main one. Most dens are rocks, caves, or any protected place. Mating will normally start late winter, with 50-70 days kittens are usually born around early spring. The size of a little is 1-6 kittens.

They start eating solid foods at 2 months and learn how to hunt at 5 months at 8-11 months kittens are evicted from their mother’s territory. The diet of a Bobcat is mainly rabbits and hares, rodents, and they like birds, bats, and adult deer usually durning the winter months.

Along with that, they will eat lambs and young pigs when ranches are near. The largest population for bobcats are found in many northern states and reviving in many others. In the early to mid-1900's bobcats populations in many mid westerns and eastern states of the U.S. A percentage of the United States was gone at the end because the furs value increased.  







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