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Call of Duty: Zombies Story Line

Although the first two maps of the zombies series (Natch der Untoten & Verruckt) They still play somewhat of a role in the story line. Natch Der Untoten is a regular zombies map used to introduce the theory of this game mode and you play as 4 random Marines. This map has nothing to do with the storyline and is purely a zombies map for the sake of zombies map. In Verruckt a similar deal happens where you play as 4 random Marines but this time, even though there is no story for the map at the time of playing it, this map still is part of the storyline which you later figure out in Shi No Numa. Verruckt was an asylum where some of the zombie testing was done ever so slightly before something terrible happened. The project that the Nazis were working on there was moved to a different location called "The Giant" In the map, Shi No Numa, within the starting room you can find out all this information after activating 3 radios.

Also, Shi No Numa is the time when you start playing as the 4 main characters; Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen and Nikolai. At some point it is revealed that Dempsey was one of those 4 random Marines. There are a handful of radio messages scattered across the huts. Additionally written messages can be found such as the word "Tunguska" which can be seen inside one of the tree houses that zombies spawn in and are inaccessible to players. Outside the storage hut you can see a meteor which is responsible for bringing the zombies to life. The atomic element inside the meteor responsible for the zombies is number Element 115. Element 115 is also the element which powers the Wunderwaffe and the Ray Gun

Der Riese is the final map in Call of Duty: World at War which is where all this started. An arms factory that was also doing experimental projects such as teleportation and undead armies when something terrible happened. The facility was over run and now you have been teleported into the middle of this madness. As you go around the facility your character will go on commenting on the things around them, especially Dr. Richtofen. You can infer that Dr. Richtofen knows this place and has worked here before.

In Black Ops, the first zombies map that everyone starts out with by default is Kino Der Untoten (Theater of the Undead). It would seem that the theater was being used to present the information group 935 had with their Die Glocke Project. This map holds some easter eggs but does not shine a whole lot of new light on the backstory behind Nazi Zombies

The map Five does relate to the back story in subtle ways. It would appear from various, out of map, apperances of the ray gun it can be assumed that the United States started experimenting with element 115. Also a pig located in one of the labs has zombie like features. It will squeal and wiggle in a sling it lays in until one of the players shoot it. It is guessed that the U.S. government was experimenting on the pig with element 115 when it bit one of the scientists causing the outbreak in the Pentagon.

For now the maps; Call of the Dead and Shangri la will be ignored

Moon is the first time you actually see Samantha Maxis. Samantha is the controller of the zombies and appears inside a pyramid contraption. This is where Samantha was sent right after being teleported away from Der Riese. She remains in control of the zombies until Richtofen swaps for Samanthas body at Griffin Station so he can control them. If you complete the easter egg to watch this happen in game. Richtofen's character will remain as Richtofen but will have the attitude of Samantha. She often speaks of how bad Richtofen is at controlling the zombies.


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