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Here is a list of some Easter Eggs in CoD: WaW

Call of Duty World at War:


  • In the mission 'Little Resistance', once you make it up to the beach past all of the tanks that did manage to make it ashore, there will be three mortar craters filled with water. Go to the crater on the right and crouch in it for 5 seconds. After that, quickly move onto the center mortar crater that should have a small stream running off it. Again, crouch in this puddle for 5 seconds. Finally, after that run to the last crater on the far left of the beach. crouch and wait 15 seconds. After that the ground should start to shake and strange voices should start to be heard. Lion statues will rise out of the ground and will hold rayguns in their mouths'


  • In the map, Natch Der Untoten, if you knife the radio that is located in the same room as the Mystery Box different songs will play. To skip songs knife the radio again.
  • In the map, Verruckt, if you flush the left most toilet 3 times in the shower rooms, a song will play.
  • In the map, Shi No Numa, there is a music easter egg located in the Comm Hut. There will be a phone off the hook hanging off the table. Press and hold the use button to make the the phone make the rotary dial sound and hold the use button again to start the easter egg. Sometimes, your character will comment on it when the song first commences.
  • Yet again in Shi No Numa, there are radio easter eggs located all around the map. The first one is located in the starting room. There are 3 radios (One on top of a barrel near the staircase going downstairs, one on top of a bunch of shelves in the center of the room, and one on top of crates near the barricade thats on the side of the room that faces both the Comm Hut and the Fishing Hut.) which must all be activated by pressing and holding the use button to start the easter egg. This will start a radio message concerning the "experiments" located in Verruckt and Der Reise and Element 115. A second radio Easter Egg is located in the Doctor's Quarters. On the left side of the Hut there is a radio sitting on a table which if activated by pressing and holding the use button will start a radio message by someone named Dr. Richtofen. He whispers the whole message so you will have to listen carefully. In the storage hut you can find a radio that will play the sounds of gun fire and screams.
  • Der Riese is filled with Easter Eggs. There are Radio messages scatter all around the map. One radio is located in the starting room near a few barrels. The radio looks like a handheld one. A second radio room is located in the room above the furnace on top of some knocked over filing cabinets. A third radio is located on top of a shelf near the staircase to the catwalk. A fourth radio is located in the Animal Testing Lab. Look above a door to the right of a workbench that sits near the Mystery Box location. Fifth radio is located in the teleporter room near the Animal Testing Labs. It is located inside a vault on the lower floor next to the right staircase. A final radio is located in the teleporter room above the Vehicle Garage. It sits on a ladder on one of the 2 silos in the room.
  • Der Riese has many other easter eggs such as the Zombie Field Book, Illuminati writing all over the place, hanging body, pictures of future maps. There's even an achievement ("Elevate Your Senses") for completing one of the Easter Eggs in which the player must shoot at a control panel outside the map using a pack-a-punched weapon. After doing so green glowing objects will start to circle around and around floating upwards and the voice of a girl can be heard, "I want to play a game! Lets play hide and seek!" You then must find 3 stuffed animals and shoot at them. After shooting all of them you will get the achievement. NOTE: you will not get the achievement in the Black Ops: Zombies version of the map but is available in the iOS version of game.






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