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Burning Man

Burning Man

On August 29 through September 9 the desert comes alive with art, music, and much more. On average 70,000 people attend. Children can come although kids under 18 must be accompanied by a person over 21. Burning man is a great way to see the desert and also experience the art and you can't miss the actual burning of the Man seen in the picture to the left. For more information visit https://burningman.org/

Ghost Towns

Ghost towns one of Nevada's most abundant land marks. There are more than 600 ghost towns in Nevada that is more than real towns. Most of these ghost towns were old mining towns so that when what ever they were mining ran out they were gone leaving all the old structures and some other things to. There are also some safety concerns so if you see an open mining shaft please don't go in it. If there is a building with a roof thats looks like if you though a rock it would fall just be careful. Watch out for wildlife there are a lot of rattle snakes. for more info https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/ghost-towns-of-nevada


Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe at 1,644 at the deepest is one of America's deepest fresh water lakes. It is also very popular in the summer for all the water sports and in the winter for the great skiing and snow boarding that surrounds the lake. In the summer lake Tahoe is a great day trip or a great place to rent a house right on the water. there are also a lot of thing around the lake such as maybe going to one of the resorts or hiking one of the maybe trails that go around Tahoe. https://tahoesouth.com/


Virginia City

Virginia is one of Nevada last boom towns. Built in the 19th century being a silver and gold mines and even some of those mine are open today. there are may things to do such ride the train on the way in then go visit the mines after that go grab something to eat at may of the cute shops and maybe stop at the candy store on your way out. for more info visit their wed site https://visitvirginiacitynv.com/



Hiking one of Nevada's great outdoor sport's if it at the lake or just in some where in the desert. Nevada is home to beautiful land scapes for you to explore. Some cool ones are the Mary Jane falls Trail located in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest it is 3.9 miles long and it is kid and dog friendly. Another one is Monkey Rock located in North Lake Tahoe it is 2.6 miles it is kid friendly and dogs on a leash are allowed. Both are two different hikes and a great why too see Nevada. For more trails and information visit https://www.alltrails.com/us/nevada


Skiing and Snow Boarding

On average Nevada gets about 21.9 inches in the valley but on the mountain it about 30 feet at the summit 9700'. Heavenly ski resort, Mount Rose, and Diamond Peak all have views of Lake Tahoe as seen in the picture to the right. Nevada is not know for its winter sports but you may be surprised at all the thing you can do.




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