Greyhound Facts:

Greyhounds are quiet, gentle, and loyal to owners. They are very loving creatures, and they enjoy the company of their humans and other dogs. Whether a Greyhound enjoys the company of other small animals or cats depends on the individual dog's personality. Greyhounds live most happily as pets in quiet environments. They do well in families with children as long as the children are taught to treat the dog properly.

How Can We Help

Of course adopting a Greyhound would help but there are also other ways we can save these pups. Monetary donations are always needed and much appreciated. They are applied towards capital improvements, kennel and clinic supplies, greyhound care and staffing costs. Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies can be very costly and easily eat up a large portion of our budget. Product donations, whether they are pharmaceuticals or laundry detergent, benefit us by freeing up money otherwise allotted for the purchase of these products and making it available for use in other areas that need it. Donations such as toys, blankets and treats make it easier for our former racers to forget their bleak and regimented past and start learning about and enjoying the small luxuries of the life they are about to lead. Volunteered time is not only an essential element to the success of our program, but is personally rewarding and fun as well. Our volunteers help us educate the public on greyhound rescue, help organize and staff events, give affection to, care for, and exercise our dogs. Volunteers will always remain our most valuable resource and we would not be where we are today without them.

Where you can Help

There are many places on the internet where you can donate money, supplies, and many other accessories. The best place where you can help is The National Greyhound Adoption. Just click Donate and follow the instructions.

Adoption lists

Just click the links to adopt a pet.